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I'm not sure if anyone is paying attention - but I haven't been contributing much lately. An occasional pic here and there and checking out some new work. I've been directing a play called "Sylvia" written by A.R. Gruney.

Tonight is the opening night and if your in the Metro Detroit area anytime on the weekends between now (Sept. 15) and Oct. 1st come check out the show, it's a very funny. (

I'm also working on a Flash project for the University of Michigan Medical Service and (keeping my fingers crossed) I might be going back to work full time. I could use the steady income..

Outside of that, I'm trying to stay out of trouble - I"m thinking about taking up writing again I haven't written anything is about five years so I guess I'm due. I was supposed to be developing a web serial called The Bill Adams Show but that idea fell through - but I'm thinking about developing an original piece for the stage with one of the actors from Bill Adams Show - we'll see what happens there.


If you happen to read this, thanks

take care